Platinum Pickaxe


The ultimate in swaggy mining tools. As of late 2018, this tool carries the same enhancements as the onyx pickaxe. Like, the exact same enhancements. Super swaggy! Does not provide additional benefits beyond the wow factor. So, only craft this one for the bling factor.

How to Obtain

First, craft an onyx pick. Then, spend hours in space biomes searching for 100 platinum ore. Then take a deep breath and craft away.

How to Use

Swing this around at parties to display your wealth. Brandish it in PvP to awe your enemies into submission. Use it while mining to do, well, exactly what you used to do with that onyx pick. Wielding this item is akin to using a bow and arrow where the string is made from the mane of a unicorn. Make of that what you will.


Introduced as part of the Dec 2017 Space Biome update.