Portable Teleporter


A Portable Teleporter acts as a mobile Teleporter. It is a one-time use item, that will allow the player to travel to any teleporter from any point on the map. It is found in the accessories section of the inventory.

How to Use

The Portable Teleporter can be used multiple ways. On Mac and Windows, pressing the [n] key will bring up a map which will allow you to travel to any teleporter (blue or orange) available on the map. On iOS, The Star button can be used to access the portable teleporter button, which will start the same process as above. On all platforms, the portable teleporter can be dragged into the hotbar. Once the portable teleporter is in the active hotslot, tapping or clicking anywhere on the screen will allow you to follow the same process as above.

How to Obtain

Portable Teleporters are obtained via trading, looting from chests, and purchasing in the Crown Store.

Other Info

It is rumored that with a high-enough engineering level, you can teleport to any location on the map