Power Jerky


Power jerky is one of the four health-oriented consumables in the game. Each power jerky restores 2 hearts of health (as compared to jerky, which restores only 1 heart). Power jerky is the second most powerful of the four possible health-restoring consumables. For information on the other consumables, see jerky, filet, or power filet.

How to Obtain

Power jerky can be crafted (three at a time), looted, traded for, or purchased in the crown store as part of either the Jerky Pack (in the Resources tab of the store), which includes 5 power jerky, or the Survival Pack (in the Tools And Accessories section of the store), which includes 25 power jerky. This item also often drops from killing brains. Note that you must kill the brain directly, rather than with an exploder, for the power jerky to go into your inventory.

How to Use

Despite being an accessory, power jerky is not equipped in the accessory bar. Instead, on iOS, you can access it by swiping up on the map button. This will bring you to your consumables screen, where you should see jerky, power jerky, filets, power filets, portable teleporters, and stealth cloaks, and quick-equip hotbar presets. If you have power jerky in inventory, you can use it by clicking on its icon.

You can also consume power jerky by dragging it to your hotbar, selecting it, and then clicking anywhere in the screen. Note that using the hotbar method will allow you to consume this item even if your health is not low enough for you to make use of all the hearts.

If you're using a keyboard and have power jerky in inventory, pressing the Z key once will consume one power jerky, but only if your health is low enough to make full use of it. In other words, your health must be at least two hearts below your max health level in order to consume a power jerky by this method. Using the Z key will always try to use power jerky if you have it, even if you have regular jerky in inventory. As a result, you can have less-than-full health and still be unable to bring it up to your max even though you're hitting the Z key, because the game determines you can't make full use of the power jerky (even though you could make full use of a regular jerky).