Premium is a feature that can be bought within Deepworld that lets players go to different Biomes - Hell, Brain, Deep, Arctic, and Desert and certain Premium-Only temperate booms .


  • You can get your Skills past level 3, which can take your game even further. It unlocks new Skills as well.
  • Having premium also helps you to obtain a whole new range of guns ( mkii and mkiii forms ) which deal more damage than its successors .
  • Having premium helps you to obtain lot of other Premium exclusive stuff and also makes the game more interesting and fun .


There is also a Starter Pack and Premium Pack to help you get started off with the new Premium ability.


An item known as a Premium Gift used to exist that could be purchased from the crown store for 150 crowns. It was intended to be a means of a premium member being able to bestow the gift of premium membership onto a non-premium member without having to email Bytebin. Unfortunately, this feature was removed, and the item can no longer be obtained, other than by receiving an unused one from a player.