Protectors are some of the most important items to own in Deepworld, because they allow you to protect your buildings, valuables, or other neat discoveries from griefing.

The game officially designates the item name "protector" to refer specifically to the protector that has a radius of 15 blocks, which players often refer to as either a "regular protector" or a "small protector." The general term, however, covers a variety of items.

In addition to several different sizes of protectors that you can own and use in Deepworld, there are also other types of world-generated protectors which are not owned by any player, and which must be destroyed in order for players to access various kinds of goodies. Protectors that can be destroyed include those found in Dungeons and Bunkers.

Personal Player Protectors

When you place a protector, it will protect a circular area around it, within its range. The size of the protected area depends on the type of protector you use. For example, if you want to protect a large building that you're working on, you may want to use one larger protector, many small protectors, or some combination of the two to protect your entire project from griefing.

Once you've placed a protector, you can click on it to open up the 'Protection Type' menu. This menu presents you with two different protector settings: "only me" or "allow people I follow." By default, protectors are set to "only me" when placed. When on the default setting, "only me," you are the only player who can mine or place items within the protector radius. When you change the setting to "allow people I follow," you open up access to your protector to all other players that you follow. Be careful when using this option, as it allows players that you follow to take items from inside your protector.

You can obtain protectors by purchasing them using crowns, trading for them in market worlds, and rarely as loot from a mechanical chest. Only micro protectors and regular protectors drop as loot.

Dungeon & Bunker Protectors

World-generated Dungeons contain numerous dark protectors that need to be destroyed in order to raid the dungeon and obtain loot from chests (and earn valuable XP!). Dark protectors are also often called "red protectors" or "dungeon protectors." You can easily remove them using a pickaxe if you have the required Engineering Skill level. There are two types of dark protector, and dungeons usually have at least one of each type. To mine both types, you need at least level 5 Engineering Skill. These dark dungeon protectors look entirely different from the protectors that players can own, so they should not cause you any confusion.

The unique glowing-purple Infernal Protector is found in the Hell Biome. It is the only protector that causes damage to any player who strays within its protective range. The Infernal Protector CANNOT be destroyed with any pickaxe, no matter how hard you try -- they can only be removed by using the Expiator.

In some Bunkers, you will find malfunctioning broken protectors that can be destroyed (Engineering Skill level 3 required). These protectors look almost exactly like the protectors that players can use, but if you look closely you'll notice small cracks on the malfunctioning protector. Malfunctioning protectors are naturally-occurring within worlds, and can easily be destroyed using a pickaxe. (Note: Although malfunctioning protectors look similar to the protectors that players use, player-owned protectors will never malfunction, and can never be destroyed).

Beginner's Tip: Upgrade Perception Skill to level 3 to gain the ability to view protector field ranges during in game play. You enable/disable this feature through minimap (iOS) protector view toggle button (on right side, 2nd button from top, resembles a target).

Protector Types Overview

Player Protectors:

  • Micro- 5 block radius
  • Small- 15 block radius
  • Large- 30 block radius
  • Mega- 60 block radius
  • Giga- 120 block radius

Dungeon & Bunker Protectors:

  • Malfunctioning protector (Engineering Skill 3)
  • Small red protector (Engineering Skill level 3)
  • Large red protector (Engineering Skill level 5)
  • Infernal Protector (Use Expiator)

Protector Limitations

Note that some items can be mined by any player even if those items are within a protector radius. These unprotectable items include:

  • rubble of any kind, whether generated by the game or placed by a player
  • "phantom" bombs: the bomb image that persists when you place a bomb in an area that is covered by a bomb suppressor
  • drops from killed mobs
  • game-generated cave spikes on brain worlds
  • shovelable blocks, insofar as they will always be able to be shoveled, even if protected