Protectors are a critical part of gameplay, as they allow players to place blocks without fear that those blocks might be destroyed by other players. The default setting is that blocks and items in a protected area can only be mined/placed by the person who placed the protector. However, players can change this option to set protectors to allow people they follow to also mine and place within the protected radius. Protectors come in five sizes:

How to Obtain

You can buy protectors in the in-game shop or trade for them on a market world. Micro protectors and regular protectors also drop as rare loot.


The "anchor" block of all protectors is the bottom left block of the item, and that is where the radius is calculated from.

Some items have built-in protector fields that vary in size, including teleporters, world teleporters, stabilizers/inhibitors, spawners, and guild obelisks.

Earth and other earth-like blocks within a protected radius may still be temporarily shoveled by other players.