Pumpkins are found in the Organic section of inventory. This item should not be confused with the Giant Pumpkin, which is much larger and only drops as loot during Halloween seasons. A pumpkin occupies one square block and has no collision.

How to Obtain

Pumpkins do not generate naturally, so the only way to obtain them is either to grow them or trade for them in a market world. To grow a pumpkin, place a pumpkin seed on either natural or placed backdrop in a purified temperate world. There must be clear sky above so rain can reach the seed. Wait a few hours and voila! Pumpkiny goodness!

How to Use

You can use pumpkins to craft jack o lanterns. You can also place pumpkins decoratively without carving them. Unlike other player-grown items such as flowers and pine trees, you don't have to put compost or a flower pot under a pumpkin when you place it.


Pumpkins were added in the 2014 Halloween update.