PvP, which is short for Player vs Player, is available in certain worlds. In this particular game mode, players have the ability to cause damage to other players using weapons such as guns, bombs, and spikes. PvP worlds include:

  • Carlow
  • Richland PvP
  • Brass Arena
  • Iron Arena
  • Vanteshire

Players with private worlds can also make their world PvP.


  • In order to get the Killer achievement, you will need to go to a PVP world.
  • PvP worlds are the only place where you won't receive karma for killing players.


While one may expect that the person with the biggest gun would always be victorious, that is not always the case. In most cases skill and tactics are the deciding factor. Here are some tips to help with your PvPing:

  • Do not stand still while fighting. You will be an easy target.
  • Try not to fly/move in obvious patterns (e.g. Circles).
  • If wielding weapons such as Frost Cannon, Steam Cannon, and Flamethrower, do not chase the enemy while firing, it will sap your steam with no effect.
  • Do not think that hiding in a base will save you. Quite a few players know enough basic Glitching to break into your base.
  • Try to use weapons based on the environment. For example, if you are sniping, a Musket would come in handy for its long range and hard-to-notice bullets, but if you find yourself in a small room, you would want a Flamethrower for its high damage and AoE
  • A Force shield can block projectiles from all attacks and is very effective when used properly! but it drains steam energy.
  • Any type of bomb can damage a player, even when a force shield is active.

There are many more styles/tips that you will pick up on through PvP, so if you want to be the new killer in town, get practicing!