Quickstart Guide


Welcome to Deepworld! You've played through the Tutorial World, and now it's time to get your spelunking on! This guide will give you a quick overview of what to do and what to expect as you journey from beginner to Deepworld veteran.

First Steps

Deepworld features an RPG-like leveling system. You have ten Skills, including things like Mining, Engineering, and Perception. They all offer unique powers as you advance them, so it's good to figure out a progression that fits your play style.

But first, you'll need earn xp to level up, providing skill points that can be used to increase your skills. A quick way to level up when you're new is to earn Achievements. The easiest achievement to get is Scavenger - just mine 20 different kinds of items, and you'll be able to level up! Some other easy achievements are Miner, Spelunker, and Craftsman, to name a few.

You'll want to focus on your Mining, Engineering, and Perception skills at first. Higher mining skill allows you to dig deeper, and engineering will allow you to craft weapons. Advanced perception will allow you to see more about the worlds you're exploring, which is important in finding Natural Resources and Loot.


Once you've familiarized yourself with a little exploring, you'll want to take a look at your Inventory. Press the "suitcase" button (upper right on iPad, lower left on iPod, or just tap the i key if you're on desktop) to show the inventory panel. Everything you mine in Deepworld will end up in your inventory or in your Hotbar. You can move things between inventory and hotbar by dragging them, and you can look through the different categories of inventory by pressing the tabs on the bottom.

The Crafting tab is also very important. It allows you to combine various items you've found into entirely new items, and will help you create houses and structures as well as progress towards your Craftsman achievements.

Exploring and Looting

If you want to keep advancing your skills, you'll need to start doing some serious exploration. Bring up the Minimap by tapping the map button (lower right on iPad, lower left on iPod, or just tap the m key if you're on desktop) and find a place to visit. You'll notice that places people have already explored are colored differently, which means there are probably fewer resources there!

In the Underground, you'll come across abandoned Bunkers and dangerous Dungeons. Bunkers are simple enough -- mine any resources left behind, and if you see a sparkling barrel or crate, press it to receive some loot! Dungeons are another matter, though -- they are generally beyond the abilities of total beginners. But once you have a decent skill set, you can use a Shovel to dig in near one of the dungeon doors and try to fight your way through it. You will generally encounter Brain and Automata enemies along with a variety of Turrets, Spikes, and other hazards. But if you can make it to the end, you'll undoubtedly find some loot and maybe even a Machine part or Unrepaired Teleporter. Looting dungeons will lead you to lots of goodies as well as a bunch of achievements!

Crafting and Building

Once you've found some resources, it's simple enough to get started crafting and building. Just open up the crafting tab in your inventory and start pressing items that you want to build! If they're grayed out, it means you don't have the skill or ingredients to build them. You can see the requirements by pressing and holding the item on iOS, or just hovering your cursor over it if you're on desktop.

Crafted items will go directly into your inventory, and can then be dragged to your hotbar for use. You can craft a bunch of bricks, for example, drag the bricks to your hotbar, and then start putting them right in the world! You'll be able to build a nice little house in no time.


Deepworld is a social place, and it's filled with all varieties of players. Unfortunately, some players might want to just take the things you build, which is referred to as Griefing. You can prevent this kind of griefing by purchasing Protectors or Private Worlds in the Shop tab. Protectors allow you to protect small areas from other people, whereas private worlds are entire worlds that you can have to yourself. You can also invite people in to your private world if you like.

It's also common to find friendly players who are happy to share their protected space with others in order to build houses, towns, and other structures. Just be careful who you trust!

Advanced Gameplay

There are 100 Things To Do In Deepworld, and then some! Once you've progressed to a certain point, you'll feel confident in your ability to adventure through the depths alone or with friends. You'll find the dungeons are a welcome challenge, and that the chance of finding awesome loot is too good to resist. You can also start Trading with other players as you acquire items you want to get rid of. There's an entire marketplace for exchanging items out there!

You can also start to experience the more complex environments of Deepworld, including PvP worlds, new Biomes like Hell and the Arctic, and more. People often form Guilds and other societies, and there's even a thriving scene of officiated events like deathmatches, races, building competitions, and more! The Forums are a great place to look if you want to find something social to do.