The recycler is a type of world machine found in temperate, arctic, and desert biomes that enables you to convert various metal scraps into usable blocks. As with a purifier, all its parts must be discovered from ecological chests and then the machine itself must be activated.

Each recycler requires 5 parts; the 6th part is the recycler itself. Once you've found all 5 parts, you activate the machine by clicking or tapping on it.

Like all world machines, the recycler will nearly always generate above (or at least not too far below) the -200 depth line.

How to Use

To use a recycler, you must first have metal scraps in your inventory. The types of scrap are:

Simply click on the recycler with metal scrap in your inventory, and it will convert it into usable blocks. The conversions are as follows:


Recyclers were introduced in February 2013. The first ever recycler is in Birkenhead Bridge.