Reinforced Copper Block


This sturdy building block complements the other metal blocks. You can find it in the Metallurgy section of your inventory. This is a normal 1x1 block and has full collision.

How to Obtain

Unlike most building blocks, this block doesn't generate naturally in any bunker or dungeon. To obtain it, you must either craft it or trade for it in a market world. Note that if you stand near a working forge while crafting this block, you'll receive double the amount of blocks.

How to Use

Along with reinforced iron and reinforced brass, this block provides the best protection against bombs, so it is often used in constructing bases and safe houses. You can decay this block with a hatchet. However, mining a decayed version of this block will return only scrap metal, so be sure you have it placed where you want before you take a hatchet to it. This block is not used in any crafting recipes.