Resources are naturally-occurring items that form the basic ingredients of all craftable items in the game. All resource items may be placed, and with the exception of certain crystals, each resource item occupies one block.

How to Obtain

Resources are usually obtained by mining naturally-generated items such as ores and minerals. Compost is an exception as it is never naturally-generated. It can be obtained by using a Composter machine, by looting it from a Chest, or by growing a Flower Bulb or Pumpkin. Shillings are another exception, as they are typically obtained either by looting a Mechanical Chest or by killing Brains.


Resources are used in the crafting of building blocks, furniture, and other craftable game items.



Unlike all other resources, the three liquid blocks are not obtainable in game as inventory items. Early in the history of the game, developers sometimes added liquid blocks directly into the inventories of players who were interested in building structures that incorporated liquids. With the advent of Butler Bots, it became possible for players to acquire and move liquids on their own, and the practice of putting liquids into player inventories ceased. Some alpha and early beta players still have liquid blocks in the resources section of inventory, and although such blocks can be placed, they are now generally regarded as rare items rather than functional resources.