Scaffolding is a type of backdrop that looks like three metal bars arranged in an arrow shape that points up and to the left. It is unique among backdrops in having cut-out areas through which you can see the background earth or open area that you place it on top of. Despite its name and its function in the real world, scaffolding does not work to actually hold things up, as it has no collision. Like all backdrops, scaffolding layers behind items and solid blocks. Scaffolding occupies one square block of space and is found in the Metallurgy section of inventory.

How to Obtain

Scaffolding can be mined from naturally-generated structures in all world types. Note that mining the decayed version of this block will give scrap metal. You can also craft scaffolding, or trade for it in a market world. If you craft scaffolding while standing near a working forge, you will get back double the normal amount.

How to Use

Use this backdrop to create an open effect in your industrial builds. It can also serve as an unobtrusive backdrop for those lighting fixtures that cannot be placed in the sky. Unlike most other backdrops, scaffolding cannot be decayed with a hatchet. Scaffolding is not used as an ingredient in any other crafting recipes.