The shop, also known as the crown store, is the in-game store where you can buy crowns and use them to purchase things. The button to open the shop panel looks like a king's crown with a number below it. The number is how many crowns you have.

The shop has several sections:

  • Popular And New: This section contains newly-released items, as well as the most frequently-purchased items. It also features current sales.
  • Private Worlds: This section lets you choose what type and size of private world you want.
  • Protectors And Technology: Features teleporters, protectors, guild obelisks, private world machines, and market converters.
  • Tools And Accessories: Features various skill-enhancing packages, as well as individually-sold accessories.
  • Weapons And Exoskeletons: Offers battle packs, trap packs, bomb packs, Pandora's Boxes, weapon upgrade kits, spawners, and exoskeleton parts.
  • Clothing And Emotes: Your one-stop shop for character customizations!
  • Resources: Skill books, brain wines, skill resets, portable teleporters, stealth cloaks, jerky, mechanical cat and dog crates, butler bots, liquid bombs, and name changes.

How to Use

To access the shop, click on the button that has a crown on it.

Once you've purchased crowns (with real money), you simply click on the item you wish to buy. After clicking "Okay" in the confirmation box, the item will be deposited into your inventory (or, in the case of exoskeletons, applied to your character) and the crowns will be automatically deducted from your total.

How Do I Get More Crowns! I Need Crowns!

The simplest and most efficient way to get crowns is to buy them.

If you want "free" crowns, you have a few options. On iOS, you can try earning them through Tapjoy. On the forum,there are two ongoing contests that reward winners with crowns: the fan art contest and the ongoing forum game. Bytebin also hosts periodic competitions (usually building competitions), with crowns as prizes. These competitions are also announced on the forum.

Scam Alert

It isn't possible to trade crowns in game. If anyone offers to add crowns into your account in exchange for items or for your account password, they are severely breaching Deepworld's Terms of Service, and you should report them immediately. If you have any Order of the Crow or Order of the Moon rank, you can use the Codex reporting system. If you can't use the Codex system, you can send an email directly to about the matter.