Please note that this codex page is fan fiction and not an officially-sanctioned element of Deepworld lore.


The Singularity, also known as the the beginning of the Apocalypse, is the name of the spreading of the network of evil brains throughout the entire world. The beginning of the Singularity can be traced back to the Worlds Fair, a meeting place of the greatest minds of the century. The World's Fair has long since past, but the effects of it are still apparent.


After the World's Fair, various high members in society started ordering production of Automaton suits made for brains, a new technology introduced at the World's Fair. The incident at the fair was hushed up, and very few knew what these 'brains' were capable of. As brain factories spread throughout the entire world, many political leaders were ordering mass production of these brains.


Many survivors of the Apocalypse say a prominent research and development company was behind the introduction of the new brain technology that was spreading throughout the world. The political leaders that were ordering this production could be often seen going to company headquarters, and immediately after these visits they would often take some sort of action, as if they were taking orders.

Before any conspiracy theorists could state their suspicions about the odd actions of many high ranking officials, the numbers of mechanical brains reached an all time high. Soon after this, Every single brain produced turned against the world.

The world leaders decided that the officials who ordered the brain production were in on the attacks, and were arrested, but before any more actions could be taken, the brains started attacking every major civilization on the surface. After many cities were destroyed, the world leaders decided the surface was no longer safe for mankind. Many people constructed underground bunkers, which were though to be safe. Then, tunnels appeared in the ground leading to these bunkers. After this, brain teleportation was developed, and soon brains were all over the world. The spreading of the brains, known as the Singularity, soon caused the systematic destruction of all of society, culture, and civilization, known as the Apocalypse.


In the years after the Singularity, the world laid in ruins. Some people wander around different lands, scavenging what remains of the bunkers deep underground, fending off the brains once produced during the singularity.