Skill Reset


The Skill Reset is a consumable accessory designed to help players rearrange the points they have assigned to certain skills. It removes one skill point from each skill with enough points. (It will not remove a point from a skill with a level of 1)

How to Obtain

This item can be traded for in a market world, or purchased directly from the in-game store. Very rarely, you can loot a skill reset from a mechanical chest, and it is occasionally offered as Daily Loot, which you can earn by accruing the requisite amount of XP.

How to Use

To apply the skill reset, drag it to your hotbar, select it, then click or tap anywhere on screen. You should see a dialog box asking you if you want to go ahead with the process. The reset will then remove one skill point from every skill it can remove a skill point from, giving you a pool of upgrade points that you can now redistribute as you wish.