What are Skills?

There are eleven different skills for you to upgrade.
Each skill enables its own unique abilities and advantages.
As you level up your skills, you will find that the benefits and abilities will become progressively better.

By taking the time now to learn about the advantages of each of the different skills, you can get a head start on building up your player in the best way for your personal style of play.


Every time you Level Up by earning XP you will be rewarded with a Skill Point. You use the Skill Point to upgrade any skill up to 10.

All Skills have associated Accessories to equip in your inventory Accessory Bar to automatically increase a skill level even beyond 10. Purchasing different levels of exoskeletons will also increase specified skills.

See also: Skill Book, Brain Wine, Exoskeleton

Skills Overview

(View each skill for full descriptions.)

Agility Skill:

  • Maneuver better & faster
  • Reduce physical damage

Automata Skill:

Building Skill:

  • Craft better items
  • Place blocks farther away

Combat Skill:

  • Improves gun efficiency
  • Increases critical hit rate & bomb damage

Engineering Skill:

  • Craft & use better items
  • Increased Steampack efficiency

Horticulture Skill:

  • Plant fancier bulbs (and therefore grow fancier flowers)
  • Better chance at reclaiming a bulb when mining flowers

Luck Skill:

  • Unlocks better loot
  • Loot higher quantities

Mining Skill:

  • Mine faster & deeper
  • Increases mining bonuses

Perception Skill:

  • Unlocks additional map abilities
  • Increases zoom

Stamina Skill:

  • Increases maximum health
  • Adds accessory slots

Survival Skill:

  • Craft better items
  • Reduce elemental & environmental damage