Space Biome


Introduced in December 2017, the Space Biome has lots of empty space dotted by rocky asteroids. Enjoy finding rare Platinum Ore, White Crystals, and Large White Crystals, but watch out for Supernovas!

The Moon (globe) drops very rarely as loot from mechanical chests in this biome only.

Unlike all other biomes, Space Biomes do not contain naturally-generated (unrepaired) teleporters. Resources are few, and liquids are primarily acid pools. There are no regular maws, only culverts, and these spawn mostly baby brains, although some occasionally spawn adult brains and automata as well. Area spawning seems to work the same way, although you might see large brains, and even lord brains, every once in a while. The only terrapi in this biome are those that come from the plentiful eggs populating nearly every cave.

While in a Space Biome, no matter what headgear you have on, it will be replaced by a state-of-the-art space helmet.

Annoyingly, even though it's outer space, this biome is still plagued by crows, albeit only those of a mechanical nature. These crows are clearly the remnants of an advanced evil alien intelligence (if they weren't evil, why did they have crows?) and should be instantly killed on sight, preferably with a shovel.


As of December 2017, there are no world machines associated with this biome.

Space Exploration

Gravity is different. You move slower when flying or falling.