The steampack (also sometimes called a jetpack) is the most basic accessory needed to navigate the lands of Deepworld. It enables the player to fly.

How to Obtain

All players receive this item in the tutorial. You can also craft it or trade for it in a market world.

How to Use :

For new players, the steampack automatically equips itself in the accessory bar. To unequip it, remove it from your accessory bar by dragging it to the accessory section of your inventory. To re-equip it, drag it back to your accessory bar.

To fly, use the joystick or, if on a keyboard, the up arrow or the letter W. Then go left or right using either the joystick or the keyboard. To land, simply stop flying up: you'll fall naturally. Flying depletes steam, so if your steam reaches zero, you'll fall back down until it recharges. You can use a canister to immediately recharge 10 steam.

Note that suppressors can disable steampack use within certain areas. So if you visit a build and suddenly can no longer fly, even though your steampack is equipped, a suppressor is probably to blame.