Flowers are found in the Organic section of player inventory.

How to Obtain

This flower grows from a bulb. When fully-grown, it can then be mined.

This flower can only be grown in purified temperate worlds. To grow a flower, first choose a spot where there is unobstructed sky above -- rain must be able to reach the bulb all the way from the very top of the sky. Then place the bulb against either earth background or a crafted backdrop block of any kind.

Flowers have several stages of growth. When a flower is fully matured, the bulb will transform into a block of compost. You can then mine both the flower and the compost. Make sure to mine the flower first! Mining a flower before it's fully-grown will give you only flax in your inventory. Any flower that still has a bulb under it is not fully-grown.


Use flowers to create gardens, or to brighten up building interiors.

To display a flower, place it directly above either a block of compost or a flower pot. Be sure to place the compost or flower pot first, otherwise you will lose the flower. Flowers can be placed this way in any world, regardless of biome type or purity level.


This flower is one of seven new bulbs introduced in the Winter 2015 horticulture update. Unlike flowers up to this point, these new flowers are two blocks tall.