Survival Skill


Survival is one of eleven player Skills. It is related to the art of surviving environmental dangers.

Survival Attributes

Raising this skill allows you to:

  • Craft better survival items (e.g. jerky and filets)
  • Reduce damage from the elements (acid rain, etc.)
  • Reduce damage from environmental things like stalagmites, crystals, etc.

Unlock Additional Abilities

  • Level 5: Prevents freezing in Arctic Biome
  • Level 7: Prevents dehydration in Desert Biome
  • Level 10: makes you immune to acid rain
  • Level 15: makes you immune to ash rain (? check)

Skill Bonus


Related Accessories


  • Brass Exoleg +1
  • Diamond Exoleg +2
  • Onyx Exoleg +2

Exolegs are a permanent enhancement to your skill level. They are not tradable, and do not need to be equipped in the Accessory Bar.

See Exoskeletons for more information.

Max Level: 15

Survival Skill (10) + Onyx Survival Knife (3) + Onyx Exoleg (2)