Temperate Biome


Of the five possible biomes, the temperate biome is the default world type, featuring Acid Rain and all normal rock types.


Each temperate world always has a Purifier, which can be assembled from its constituent parts to purify the world. Purification takes three days, and its progress is represented on the mini-map as well as in World Search. As the world becomes purified, the acid rain turns from green to blue and damages players less. Once fully purified, the rain is no longer acidic, and inflicts no damage. At this point, compost and bulbs can begin to grow plants if they are exposed to the sky.

Temperate worlds also have one other ecological machine, picked randomly from the Composter and Recycler.

Temperate Exploration

Temperate worlds are the default and most common type of Biome, as it is the only Biome widely accessible to both non-premium and premium players.

There are a variety of structures including abandoned Bunkers and heavily-protected Dungeons where you can find lootable Chests.

View the Quick Start Guide for more information.

As with all Biomes, the world exploration progress is displayed on the mini-map and World Search Menu.

Mining Skill level 4 is required to mine all layers in Temperate Biomes.

Beginner's Tips:
You can accomplish many simple Achievements, which will earn you 5000 - 10000 XP each. This will help you to quickly rank up levels, rewarding you with valuable skill upgrade points.

Early in the game it is important to use these points to upgrade Mining Skill, to be able to mine deeper and search for Blue Crystals, Red Crystals, Purple Crystals, and Onyx in Temperate worlds.



Temperate Dangers



Beginner's Tip: Craft or trade for an Acid Shield to temporarily protect against Acid Rain.

Temperate Development

Purification Process

Once you have found all 7 Purifier parts in Ecological Crates, you can then click on the Purifier itself to activate it. The world will begin to slowly reduce acidity until it reaches 0% acidity. At this point, acid rain is replaced with non-damaging rain and new creatures will appear.

Benefits of Developed Temperate