Trolling is purposely trying to ruin or otherwise negatively affect other people's gameplay experience.

The following acts can be defined as trolling:

  • Bombing in a non-PvP server
  • Spamming the chat/forums
  • Griefing
  • Following someone when they mine and taking all of the valuables/resources
  • Cursing in the chat/forums
  • Posting inappropriate links in the chat/forums
  • Verbally harassing people in chat or saying shocking/obscene/disgusting or otherwise purposefully disruptive things
  • Stalking/harassing other players
  • Falsely accusing someone of trolling/griefing/scamming
  • Spawn killing in PvP server
  • Capturing new players in protected "jails" and demanding payment for release
  • Intentionally and repeatedly disrupting a world project