Tuberose Bulb


(description of bulb; description of flower) Bulbs are found in the Organic section of player inventory.

How to Obtain

Like all bulbs, this bulb is obtainable only as loot from a treasure chest. Once looted, it can then be traded or sold.


Bulbs are used to grow flowers. Flowers can only be grown in purified temperate worlds. To grow a flower, first choose a spot where there is unobstructed sky above -- rain must be able to reach the bulb all the way from the very top of the sky. Then place the bulb against either earth background or a crafted backdrop block of any kind.

Flowers have several stages of growth. When a flower is fully matured, the bulb below will transform into a block of compost. You can then mine both the compost and the flower. To display a flower, place it directly above either a block of compost or a flower pot. Flowers can be placed this way in any world, regardless of biome type or purity level.

To place a bulb without having it grow into a flower, or to preserve an early stage of flower growth, put a solid block somewhere in the sky directly above it to prevent rain from reaching it.