v2 Changelog


  • Added GUI v2 player avatar customization panel
  • Added GUI v2 achievement panel
  • Added automata skinning
  • Added melee weapon support
  • Added turret support
  • Added consumable sound effects
  • Added basic landmarking to map
  • Fixed: dialog layout issues
  • Fixed: plaque sign support
  • Fixed: misc animation issues
  • Fixed: tooltip offscreen when hovering over hotbar
  • Fixed: guns not firing when cursor out of mining range
  • Fixed: social context menu
  • Performance enhancements


  • Recycle bullets (massive performance increase when lots of guns going off)
  • Fix chat drag handle extending beyond chat window
  • Prevent horizontal scrolling in chat window (kinda crappily, but better than nothing)
  • Fix mineability of your own protected items
  • Fix falling on your face after respawning (even though it was hilarious)
  • Fix closing of console with "escape" that would then trigger game menu


  • Guns are mostly functional
  • Mobs are now properly sized, fire projectiles, can be damaged/killed by guns, make noise
  • Dialogs are somewhat functional (e.g. signs), although have layout issues sometimes
  • Added (non-functional) game menu with idle timer
  • Added loading of hotbar presets (not yet saving, also there seems to be an issue with cmd vs control on macs)
  • Fixed entities being displayed on top of earth
  • Fixed local panel names being squished
  • Fixed chats being squished (?)
  • Fixed map 'X' button issue
  • Fixed "escape" button to close windows
  • Fixed players always looking right
  • Fixed endless "glitching" through solid blocks (could still use some work)
  • Fixed audio distortion issue


  • New HUD
  • New GUI is 80% in, 50% polished (many little quirks to be fixed)
  • Changed from 3D physics to 2D physics. This should increase performance / decrease computer fan craziness (let us know if it that's the case!)
  • Mobs are now visible and can damage you, but they do not yet collide and have other issues
  • Protector radii now visible (and overlay can be toggled with comma key)
  • Fixed bug that caused sprites to not disappear when mining
  • Fixed world position label in HUD


  • Size liquid blocks appropriately
  • Send block usage to server (target teles, switches, etc.)
  • Mob physics
  • Mob touch damage
  • Climbable ladders
  • Fixed: Entity spawn teleport particle effect doesn't auto-destroy
  • Fixed: Rotated sprites (spikes, stalags) have wrong offset
  • Fixed: Player offscreen arrows are hidden beneath blocks
  • Fixed: Death overlay is gone
  • Fixed: Can't type too long chats (text disappears)
  • Fixed: Name labels not positioned well above peoples' heads
  • Fixed: Quip shows up behind blocks if block above head
  • Fixed: Chat focus issues
  • Fixed: Chat scrollbar is appearing when window hidden
  • Fixed: Sign text extends beyond sign sprite when long
  • Fixed: Many folks have santa legs, and feet are disappearing sometimes
  • Fixed: Quips are blurry and hard to read


  • Limit followers/followees list to first 50 entries, which fixes login issues for players with lots of followers. (We will add search & "load more" to the social panels soon.)
  • Fixed: Non-stop whooshing sound
  • Fixed: Players appearing in front of earth
  • Fixed: "Died" announcement when players leave