Wall Hangings


There are several kinds of wall hangings, most notably, mounted heads, pinned bugs, and paintings. Some types of wall hangings are found in specific underground bunkers and dungeons, others are only obtained by looting mechanical chests, and still others may be captured with a net.

Mounted Heads

Mounted Heads generate in specialized underground bunkers.


With the exception of landscapes, paintings generate in specialized bunkers in all world types.

Pinned Bugs

As of March 2015, all pinned bugs other than cockroaches and scorpions only drop as rare loot from mechanical chests.


Butterflies can be caught with nets in purified temperate worlds.

Other Wall Hangings

  • Mounted Fish (drops as rare loot only from mechanical chests)
  • Map (drops only as loot from any kind of chest)
  • Solar System Diorama (found in the same type of bunkers as paintings)