Water is an environmental block that is blue in color. Though normally harmless, if a player is submerged for too long, the player can drown. To avoid the drowning effect, you can get out of the water or use a rebreather.

Water will flow and level itself when you dig the sides of the pool. You can destroy a water block by filling it with earth.

How to Obtain

Water is found in many biomes as pools of liquid. In purified temperate biomes, it falls as rain. Place a jar in a pool of water and wait for it to fill, then collect it and you will have a jar of water.

You can collect water using the "drain" command with an onyx butler bot.

A few liquid water blocks remain in the game, but this item can no longer be obtained except by trading with someone who has one.


In desert biomes, jars of water can stave off dying of dehydration. If there are jars of water in your inventory, they will automatically be consumed when necessary in desert biomes. With an onyx butler bot, you can dump collected water to create moats, pools, tanks, or other watery structures.


In the very early days of Deepworld, before the introduction of butler bots, some players received liquid water blocks into inventory from developers so that they could use water in their builds. When butler bots were implemented, the practice of giving players water blocks was discontinued.