This page lists the weapons that can be obtained in Deepworld. There are two main classes of weapons, melee and ranged. Melee weapons require the player to be close to the enemy in order to be effective, and don't deal PvP damage. Melee weapons can also have "critical hits" doing bonus damage in an area around the playing. Whilst ranged weapons can strike from afar, and do deal damage in PvP, they consume the player's steam reserves. Ranged weapons can be upgraded and some deal elemental damage. Some tools also deal melee damage.

Bombs are another combat mechanism, dealing area of effect damage. When placed, they explode after a short delay.

Melee Weapons

This is a list of melee weapons organized by damage type. There are two types of melee damage: slashing and bludgeoning. Slashing damage is more effective against organic opponents like terrapus, where as bludgeoning is more effective against inorganic opponents like automata.

Bludgeoning Damage:

Slashing Damage:

Ranged Weapons and Bombs

This is a list of ranged weapons organized by damage type. Ranged weapons have various elemental damages, with each damage type being effective against various mobs. Some mobs, such as the Revenant can only be hit by certain damage types, in this case, energy type damage.


  • Pistol

  • Musket

  • Bomb - Also destroys surrounding environment

  • Big Bomb - Also destroys surrounding environment

  • Mega Bomb - Also destroys surrounding environment

  • Mine - "Trap" bomb that is placed, but only explodes when in close proximity to another player.