Wiki Guidelines


  • Wiki access is by invitation-only.
  • To contribute, log in with your in-game username and password via the link in the upper right.
  • Visit the Pages landing to view all existing pages (there is also a link to Create New Page there).
  • All edits are tracked and visible in the "View Edits" section on each page, so don't be naughty :)


  • Pages of the same type should share an organizational strategy. For example, all Mobs pages should have a Behavior, Combat Tips, and History section, in that order, and all Items pages should have an Overview, How to Obtain, How to Use, and (if appropriate) History section, in that order.
  • Re-organization should be done cautiously - let's not stress too much about the details!


  • Images must be uploaded in the Media category. Any image tagged with the name of a page will show up on that page, so it is easy to "add" images to pages - just tag them correspondingly. Use Terrapus as an example.
  • Images must include attribution (generally an Author section with a link or player name.) Use Scary Terrapus By Professorpop as an example.
  • Images should not be linked to in articles unless critically necessary. Media should generally appear in the sidebar by using tags, as this is much cleaner.