Willow Mushroom


The Willow Mushroom is a light brown color, with a wide cap on a thin stalk, and can grow up to two blocks tall. Like all mushrooms, the Willow Mushroom can be found in the organic section of inventory.

How to Obtain

The Willow Mushroom can be found in all world types. Any kind of pickaxe can pick up the Willow Mushroom.


The Willow Mushroom is used in part with other mushrooms to get the Forager Achievement. It can also be used for decoration purposes. Once the player has mined a tall mushroom, she can place it only as a one-block-tall item.


The Willow Mushroom was one of three mushrooms that were added before all others. Early in the game, this mushroom was occasionally generated three blocks tall. Some of these extra-tall mushrooms still exist today in forgotten corners of the oldest worlds.