Wine Press


A Wine Press is a craftable item that is part of a four-part device used to make Brain Wine. It is 3x3 blocks in size, and found in the Engineering section of inventory.

How to Obtain

Craft it or trade for it.

How to Use

A Wine Press is a mechanical item that needs steam power to work. Hooking a single press up to steam will cause it to have a "pressing" motion. In order to make Brain Wine, connect four Wine Presses together and power them up with steam, then click on one of them. You will need to have a Wine Bottle and at least 2000 -- yes, that's two thousand -- Neurons in inventory. Note that you cannot overlap Wine Presses if you want to use them to make Brain Wine.


The Wine Press has been an item in game since at least 2013 and became fully functional in May 2018 with the "Aberdeen" server update.