Wood is a common item that is primarily used to craft other items. It doesn't generate naturally. Wood is found in the Construction section of inventory, and appears as a stack of lumber. When placed, wood has no collision and occupies one square block.

How to Obtain

Wood can be obtained in temperate worlds by mining the large grey trees that generate on the surface or by mining buried logs. Wood is often dropped as loot from crates, sacks, and barrels. It can also be crafted from wood rubble. Note that mining decayed wood-based blocks will drop wood rubble rather than wood. As with many other items, wood can also be obtained by trading for it. Finally, if you really need a small amount of wood right away and have cash to spare, you can get 150 wood by purchasing the "Building Pack" from the crown shop at a cost of 150 crowns.


While wood can be placed as a decorative item, its primary use is in crafting. The following items all require wood:


In very old worlds, you can sometimes still find naturally-generated piles of wood in bunkers and caves.