Wood Rubble


Wood rubble is a plentiful resource amidst the crumbling remains of buildings in Deepworld. It can be crafted into normal Wood (Resource), an ingredient in many architectural blocks and other items.

How to Obtain

Wood rubble in its raw form can be found on the surface and in bunkers and dungeons. Any wood block with some sort of visible decay will give the player wood rubble when mined.

Decayed buildings spawn naturally in new worlds and are generally around 60% decayed, meaning that 6 out of 10 wood blocks will return rubble, while the other 4 will return their respective items.


Wood rubble is primary used to craft Wood (Resource). It is also one of many Physical Items and blocks player movement, so can be used to add variety to the terrain, as well as apocalyptic decoration.


Wood rubble was collectable but useless for a long time until added as an ingredient for Wood (Resource).