Zepplins are accessory items that offer an alternative method of aerial travel for players. They are especially helpful for builders, as they allow the player to hover without losing steam.


To equip a Zeppelin, drag it into your accessory bar.

  • Horizontal movement: By moving directly right or left, a player can move in a linear direction without being affected by gravity. While the maximum speed is slow, the speed at which the player moves is dependent on how far the joystick is displaced from the center (for iOS users). Steam is slowly consumed through this method.

  • "Moon Jump": When the zepplin is equipped, holding down (rather than using an exo-boot stomp) will cause the player's momentum to increase. This can allow a player to jump as far as 30 times further than a normal jump. Agility level increases the distance of the jump.

How to Obtain

Zeppelins are a craftable item.